Wednesday, December 4, 2013

A mixture of everything.


I am actually at the state of counting days, at the peak of everything. Have another two weeks to go before study week then it's final! I am obviously unprepared, at all. Most of my friends have started their countdown revision where you generally jot everything out, make study timetable stuffs but nahhh not me, probably not yet. The thing is I have few other things unsettled and I hope I can finish them as soon as possible.

Oh yeah next week will be hectic. I have mandarin test on Monday, have to submit the mandarin script , have to start recording the video, do the editing, constitutional law assignment, elc assignment, and by Thursday I'll have the second test for tort. And all these things need to be settled by that five days plus I have my normal classes to attend. Fuhhh.

I joined kesatria punya camping last weekend and it was fun. I enjoyed most of the activities especially those jungle tracking, night walk, malam kebudayaan and etc. Everything went well and yes our group got second place k waktu malam kebudayaan and we performed dikir barat. As a Kelantanese, I feel proud of myself and happy with my team mates as they were very supportive and went all out singing, clapping according to the songs even though most of them got no idea what dikir barat is at the first place haha. After the camp, I got really really tired and slept for 14 hours non stop. Tapi lepas bangun tidur still lagi rasa mengantuk then sambung lagi for I don't know how many hours. Obviously I do realize that I didn't do anything much this week since I am still in the 'letih' mood but hopefully by the end of this week everything will be okay.

Here are some pictures of the camping,

 Blue is for zeus and red is for poseidon.

 I am one of the Zeus.

 The leaders of zeus and poseidon, Irfan and Tim.

 Jungle trecking for three hours and bila sampai kat air terjun everybody got excited. Air dia sejuk gila, air gunung kan memang ler.

We got headbands with our names yawww! 

 Kegigihan melukis bendera terpancar haha.

 These pretty poseidon :)

I went for the mock trial: Jibril, last Thursday. It was fabulous, great, amazing, if I can rate it, I'll definitely give it 10 stars over 10. I got ujian kawad for kesat that evening so I was in dilemma whether to go to the mock trial as I was very tired and lazy to siap siap (bilik air penuh dengan manusia nak pergi tengok mock trial) or just gave up my RM5. I'm very happy that I decided to go and watch it. I don't know how to explain it, the performance was so amazing, the story line, the actors like perghhh. It is a masterpiece, superb. As a law student of uitm I feel proud of my seniors and I think that was the worthiest RM5 I had ever I spent in my whole life. And if it is going to be re stage I am willing to pay for it. Not to mention about the characters, Jibril, Sidek, the judge Mimi Rozita Che Wan etc they were so cool and everyone is having crush on jibril right now haha. Sorry that I can't provide any pictures of the event sebab belum whatsapp lagi dengan kawan kawan but don't worry if I have the time I'll make sure to post it.

This is the conclusion of the trial. If you are interested, you can find the trailer of it on youtube too.

"The only reason this life is precious is because it ends"- Jibril Azym.

"Mr. Jibril, the best lawyer in town". "In town jer?". "The best lawyer ever" -Awwww.

One of my friends being overly baik hati belanja dominos and foods and we being overly excited took a looooot of pictures. And hihi mustard is so my colour haha.

Okay that's all. Pray for me tauu.

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