Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Study: too much to bear?

I came to a realization that I really have low motivation level. Serious.

Sekarang ialah the middle of the semester and everything started to become hectic and crazy, I started to lose control a bit, I can't understand some of the subjects, I can't connect with some of  the lecturers and  that makes me feel stupid, have to bear with the pain of assignments, not enough sleep, presentations, tests and etc. I don't like this at all but well welcome to degree life people.

But fortunately thanks to my elc lecturer, Dr Anis for keeping me in the right track. During our elc class today, she gave us her words of wisdom and I guess many of us are glad and inspired by that. She is one of my favourite lecturers so far, I just adore and respect her so much. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and thank you very much for you know understand us your angels haha. I will forever be grateful for your existence and I will forever be grateful that I have the chance to be one of your students.

I have to do well, I must. There is no turning back.


Puan Ida said...

ai gurlz
salam perkenalan dari kak ida
jemput singgah blog akak ye
dah follow blog ni no951

Hanis Nizam said...

i hope you can face the challenges adn good luck for everything!

Firdaus Stark said...

sama jugak la ngan saya..
nak dekat dgn pertengahan sem banyak benda nak kena settel kan..
presentattion, assignment, group, itu ini..
tapi ingat satu ni je
selepas kesukaran ada kemudahan ... :)

Amirah Azman said...