Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I miss

What do you miss most?

I cannot really state the exact person or thing that I  miss most because to be honest, I discovered that I miss too much things from the past. There are so many things that I long and yearn for till the extent that it is very impossible to list them down cause each time my hand start to write something, more and more memories re-appeared in my head. In fact, lately I have found myself struggling in a sea of nostalgia. You know I started to think of all those past times; childhood, elementary years, high school teenage years and so on. After so many years, I have to admit that I miss those memories. I though this was natural - missing things, people, places and everything until someone told me that I spent too much time thinking of the past and I need to look in the present.

Fine, but still I can't avoid myself from thinking and missing these memoirs.

Adik aku yang umur dua belas tahun tu, hari tu dia terpilih main netball peringkat kebangsaan. So most of the time dia memang takde kat rumah till recently dia dah habis training semua baru nampak muka. Tadi aku masuk bilik dia and I discovered that she has this cute book (hello kitty okay) where she put all the pictures and photos of her training life and competition days, games and everything. I can't really say that it is a diary. It is a kind of memory book lah, you keep all the pictures that you like so in case you miss everything you can easily flip it and read all those sweet comments. Under each page of the book, there will be like meaningful description or short brief of her entire memory. In some pages of the book, her coaches and friends will write something like a motivation messages or advices. It is so cute and macam mana nak cakap ah, meaningful lah. I never have this kind of book before during my younger days. Adik aku dini tu pulak dia mrsm student so dia ada banyak kind of note book yang dia dengan kawan kawan dia lukis tulis macam macam dalam tu. Sedangkan aku, hmmm buku buku diari nota aku biasanya penuh dengan kata kata cacian maki hamun orang jer haha. Sebab tu masa remaja aku mana ada aku rebel rebel bagai, aku tak puas hati semua aku humban dalam perkataan jer senang dan mudah. So bila
aku tengok benda rare dan sweet macam ni, I was like "What the heck, kenapa aku tak buat macam ni ah dulu?" 

However, after I don't know hours geledah facebook and google, taraaaaaaa I found all these old pictures hukhuk *terharu*

Below are some snapshots of those years. They truly were the glory days.

Ahhhhhh, time does fly.


mirmashi94 said...

aku nampak kau membesar :P

k bai >.<

Ardini Izzati said...

Yes. Aku forever comel, long :)

akilathecutest said...

yeay3... sy antara org yg sempat masuk dlm memori hidup liyana izzati


liyana izzati hudoh..haha

kau mna reti nk sweet2 bagai ni beb. kan?? kau kan gengster