Monday, March 25, 2013

Final Exam.


 I love UiTM.

Obviously, I am at the end of my last semester. Yuhuuu. So after I finish my final exam InsyaAllah for another two weeks, I will be officially free. Basically I will have another 5 months off before I enter my degree level. Haha. At that time maybe those '95 generation will be busy preparing for their university life so on and I'll be there at home goyang kaki sembilan puluh darjah, watching tv, laughing, online, late night calls, berjimba jimba and trying to lose some weight that I gained here in Merbok haha. Don't take me wrong, its not that I dislike Merbok or totally hate it. No, cuma kadang kadang tu its good to be home with your friends and family. I don't know I think that way.

Today is the fourth day of the study week. Hurmm. I don't know but the idea of 'study week' did not work well on me. I mean, it turn out to be 'rest week' or 'tidur sampai tengah hari week'. Seriously. Haha. Maybe because I'm too tired and this second semester of law things have been too rough to me. I mean they take all my free time and sometimes I have to sacrifice my waktu tidur malam. Waktu tidur petang tak payah cakap laa kan memang completely burn out. Tapi well no hal laa kan since I have only several weeks left, so I just go with the flow. Come on, datanglah ambik sebanyak waktu aku, I'll resist! *konon*

InsyaAllah this coming Wednesday I'll begin with my first paper which is Psychology *yawn*. Haha. I haven't prepared anything yet. I haven't read any of the topics in the book and I'm too lazy to do the exercises. I'm just erghh not in the mood and I'm just laaaazzzzyyyy. Haha. Yesterday I called my mum and I told her please do something for me and please do anything to beat this laziness and my mum simply said "Don't worry. Along kan pandai". Haha. I was like " Apa ni?". Tu laa kan. And each time I met my classmates at the dining and they ask me about the revision thing and I said I don't know! because I really don't know. I haven't started anything yet and to see these people struggling very hard for the finals, man I want to kill myself!


And the most annoying moment is when you told your friends that you haven't read anything yet and they don't believe you. Tu boleh tahan lagi tapi ada jugak yang cakap "Liyana takpelah kau pandai tak payah study dah otak hang tu". This irritates me so much. I mean come on people, I'm not Jimmy Neutron or Albert Einstein or anyone with gifted brains. I'm just normal and yeah there are a lot of people out there who are totally better than me in everything. I don't know. I know that people are expecting so much from me because of my last semester punya result plus I do quite well in my Muet but my fellow friends, those things won't mean anything if I fail to keep on the track. Still if I don't perform well this final, I may not be able to pursue in Shah Alam. Kan? I know that some of the people who claim that "Liyana guarantee dapat law" tapi yeah to be honest, I don't have that confident actually. Haihh. You can call me being prejudice to myself or what but that is me. Sorry for being so insecure people. Sorry.

So tonight InsyaAllah I will start study my psychology. I don't know how to start but well takkan tak nak study kan. Just doakan. InsyaAllah and thanks :)

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kay_are said...

aku nak wish tapi habis exam dah kan? so aku kensel je r wish tu.. ape pun jawab sudah tawakkal dan gud luck ok!