Friday, March 22, 2013

Hello everyone.



There are a lot of things that passed up by each day but due to excessive work need to be done in limited time, I have to say no to blogging. I'm sorry. I'm sorry to everyone who follow my blog. I mean what is the purpose of following a blog if the writer is too "lazy" to actually update something. And yeah I have private my blog because of several reasons. Firstly, because I have no time to actually stick to it and secondly, because I'm trying to change something or whatever, some king of renovation actually. Tapi tak tahu laa kan bila nak siap. Or do I have the gut to do it? I don't know. Let the time give the answers. Or maybe I'm going to private this blog forever because you know like I have mentioned before, I don't update my blog much these days and I'm afraid if people stalk me or do unpleasant things behind my back. Wuuu scary. Haha. This is not bajet or what. Since I enter university life or law school to be specific, I learn not to trust everyone. Sometimes, people might stab your back without you aware of it. Nampak macam prejudice. But I tell you, it happens!

I'm personally quite sorry to myself. I should update everything and anything that happens to me so that in case one day. If I can't remember anything, I may refer to this. Kan? Hmmm. Cakap pasal lupa laa macam laa ada alzhemier ke apa ke kan? Haha. Don't worry, I'm still normal. Yet. So whats up life?

Life is so far so good. Cuma kadang kadang tu biasalah kan. This is life. Tak kan nak expect macam syurga jer hari hari kan? There will be time when you feel like "Oh man, this is hell". Haha.

So I guess that's all that I need to say right now. Yelah kan. Since, I am writing this to myself. Tak kan nak panjang macam ucapan hari guru kan? Tetiba mention pasal sekolah, I miss school so much. Haha. I hope my schoolmates are doing fine in their life and good luck.

 In case you miss me. Awwww.

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kay_are said...

same je weh.. aku pun dah jarang dah blogwalking tambah2 sedang cube sesuai diri dengan environment baru ni..