Saturday, February 23, 2013

Kuala Lumpur.

Hi reader (s).


Its been ages since I last talked to you. I have been extremely busy with my studies and assignments and tests and "other things" as my final examination is just around the corner and I'm not kidding. I just have about a month to go for the final exams but still I have like thousands of topics yet uncovered until today plus sleep, eat, online, do nothing. Oh man, I am nervous, save meeeeee. But anyways, I thought I should post something cause I had just have my dinner and I'm full and I'm totally tired since I had spent few hours this evening finishing the assignment and I am dizzy since I was searching the net for jurisdiction of court of appeal non stop since last night, then I had just have a fight with kimy because I said "I want to focus on online" and he was mad at me plus I am not in the mood of studying because mila said I'm fat and I do realize that I keep gaining weight but it is not good to hear people say that, ahhh- I'll stop now.

Basically, two days ago I was chosen as one of the 76 pre law students (I get this number for Shikin since I know nothing about the trip, yes I am lame) to join the visit to Kuala Lumpur. Yeah I was just that lucky because not all pre lawrians were able to join the trip as there are certain limitation on the numbers of students because they did not have that huge budgets and stuff like that, I don't know much actually. But again, I'm lucky. I always tell everyone that I have no luck at all in anything but well taraaaa for the first time of my life kot, I do feel like I have luck at least. Haha.

 Yesterday, there was a man we met at the court. A lawyer to be specific. He asked me ( I mean me and my friends) about certain things and at the end of anything he said "Good luck".  You cannot imagine how happy I was at that moment. It feels like you want to cry but then you are proud and happy and you want to jump high and high. And that person is a lawyer, an idol. A senior as he was an ex uitm law student too. I was excited and I'm still. Until this moment. Awwwww.

Taraaaaa. I promise myself that one day I will become like you bro. I will.
*Takde apa saja nak bagitau sebab excited tak dapat nak bendung lagi*

So in this entry I'm not really going to share what I had been doing there in Kuala Lumpur, the heart of Malaysia because I am very sure that a lot of pre lawrians have updated about that or maybe more updates coming. Kan? But Insya Allah, I'm going to share what I actually get from the trip and how it affected me today. Affect laa sangat kan.

I honestly think that the trip to Kuala Lumpur (two days ago) as one of those eye opening trips where I was able to sit down and think what I really want to be in my future.

I am one of those easily influenced type. I always see myself differently and I am the type of person who never limit what I want or what I should be. I have no restriction or do and donts in most of the things in the world, I will do anything that I want and I will say whatever I need to say. I do not complain much in my life and I always follow what people do and ask although at some points, I did not know what I was doing. Haha. SAD.

Let me tell you something, my ambition changed after every movies I watched, every person I met, every books I read or maybe every dreams I had. I did not know what I really want to be. During my school years, I changed my ambitions most of the time probably everyday. Haha. I want to be a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, an architect, a full housewife, an educationist and etc etc. However, I started to be specific with my ambition since I was form 5, I want to work with the law. I discovered that I am not good in math or science or art or accounting or sports or anything. The only thing that I can do is history and a little english. That's it. With nothing in this hand, I entered law school. Macam sedih kan.

But still, after almost one year studying law I have no specific job or ambition that I want to be. Law is a very enormous field as it covers almost everything in the world. I am confused whether I should be a lawyer or a public prosecutor or a judge or a magistrate or a public adviser or a history teacher (probably no) or a businesswoman or an activist or a politician or a legal adviser or a lecturer or anything. You name it.

And I'm still thinking about that untill this moment. Humm.

At least I have few vivid pictures how legal people work. Thanks for the trip. Then I will figure out what I should become soon.Very soon. And if I have time, I will let you know. No worries k.

Thats all. Bye.

I'm boring. And I turn out to be more boring than I was used to be :(

 Nothing. Everyone in the house like to eat this. I just miss home so much. And the fact that I won't be able to get home before finals is killing me from inside. Wuuuu.


HeNRieTTa JoSe said...

Gud luck....bru hr nie rietta taw tuan blog bkal lawye...hehhee...maaaf rietta xtaw course aper tuan blog amek dlu....

kay_are said...

banyakny cite2 ko mase kecik.. aku time kecik kalau cikgu tanye cite2, yang aku tau, polis, bomba, askar je.. yang lain2 tu memang tak tau r.. huu.. gud luck bakal lawyer!

Anonymous said...

good luck

Anonymous said...

good luck gf hakimy zamri :DDD