Monday, December 3, 2012

Semester 2.

The time is ticking very slow.
I am sleepy and tired.
My eyes refuse to shine like I always did.
It has been more than one hour but the lecturer is talking non stop.
I wish he will but he is just sitting there politely, trying to convince us will all his past stories.
Trying to share with the class all his glory days, but ?
The blue shirt and the colourful necktie suit him well.
The subject is good, its the presentation skills class.
The lecturer is interesting.
But deep inside I am wondering why am I sleepy?
This friend in front of me keep yawning again and again.
The girl at the back of the class, the tall guy, the girl with the yellow scarf, the boy with the big eyes.
Their mouths are wide open, their eyes are half close.
I keep telling myself that I have to change my attitude, my behavior.
But until I decide to open up my eyes and listen to what the great man in front of me is saying
I won't gain anything, nothing
Until I change my habits, my laziness
I will always be the old me.

Old and old.
They say if you want to change the world, start with yourself.

(Liyana Izzati, 9:05 am)


Hakimy Zamri said...

kesian kat yana. be strong k ! :D

err..baru nak bagi benda kuning tuuuu..hahahaha..mana stars ? :P

dari sisi hidupku said...

sapa nama lecturer tu. macam boleh agak je sapa?. haha. kitorang tdo waktu bel332-sir Francis. muahaha

kay_are said...

cikgu!! tengok tu ade orang taip entri mase dalam kelas.. =P