Thursday, October 11, 2012


Hey people.

Do you know what kills you?

Stupid friend doesn't kill you. Lack of knowledge doesn't kill you (it just make you look stupid and you are stupid). Annoying people doesn't kill you. Haters doesn't kill you.  To have a different thought about life doesn't kill you as well.

Instead, to feel embarrassed of who you are, yourself. That is the killer. It does kill you, in a very mean way that you can never imagine. Cool blooded way.

Just don't train yourself to betray yourself.

Otherwise it will slaughter you alive.

I'm so in love with myself. Cheers for what I have become today.

I've seen a lot of people with different level of confidence. I am an average one I guess. haha.

The moment when you tell yourself "I'm good". It helps.

It's all you. Yourself, your future.


Sarah Jeff said...

Oh yeah it does help.. a little of the bit-bit ~

kay_are said...

memang satu entri motivasi yang bagus.. believe in yourself, proud to be ourself rite? =) + cane nak wat orang suka kite kalau kita sendiri pun tak leh time sape diri kita kan? =)

shedameor said...

nice sayang !