Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My 40 minutes Survey


My 40 minutes survey.

Instruction: Once you are tagged, answer all questions honestly. No lying or cheating. With however long it took you to complete this, post as " My _ minutes survey" and tag 15 people.

So, lets begin.

Name : Nur Liyana Izzati bt. Abd. Aziz

Brother (s) : Adik beradik gua semua perempuan. Haha.

Eye colour : Black? I guess.

Shoe size : 7 or 8

Hair : Ish, mana boleh bagitau.

Piercings : Takde. Tak pakai subang or whatever.

Height : Dulu 165 cm, sekarang tak tahu.

What are you wearing right now : Jeans and Brown dress.

Where do you live : Kelantan

Favourite number : 5, i guess.

Favourite drink : Milo Ais Tabur. Favourite food tak nak tanya?

Favourite month : April.

Favourite breakfast : Tea Ais and Nasi Lemak. Perghh!

-Have you ever-

Broken a bone : Yes.

Been in a police car : Of course No!

Fallen for a friend : Err, yes =,=

Fallen for a guy/girl in a short period of time : Yes.

Swam in the ocean : Of course yeah! Kawasan aku kawasan pantai kot.

Fallen asleep in school : Everytime. Haha.

Broken someone's heart : Hmm, yeah.

Cried when someone died : Yes.

Saved e-mails : Yes.

Been cheated on : Yes.


Your room look like : Orange

What is right beside you : A bed.

What is the last thing you ate : Pulut ikan rebus.

-Ever Had-

:42: Chicken pox : Yes.

:42: Sore Throat : Selalu sangat.

:42: Stitches : Yes.

:42: Broken Nose : No. Haha.

-Do you-

:26: Believe in love at first sight : yes.

:26: Like picnics? : yes.


thmisc-28 Who did you last yell at : My younger sister, Abby. Pagi tadi sebab dia exam tapi bangun lambat.

thmisc-28 Who was the last person you dance with : Kakak?

thmisc-28 Who last made you smile : Amir Fikri.

-Final Questions-

:34: What are you listening to right now : Umi aku membebel.

:34: What did you do today : Online and eat.

:34: Are you the oldest? : Yes.

:34: Indoors or Outdoors : Both.

-Today, did you-

:35: Talk to someone you like : Yes.

:35: Kiss anyone : No.

:35: Sing? : Yes, hampir semua lagu favourite.

:35: Talk to an ex? : No!

:35: Miss someone? : Yea.

:35: Eat? : Yes, banyak.

-Last person who-

thmisc-16 You talked to on the phone : Fairouz

thmisc-16 Made you cry : Papa.

thmisc-16 Went to the movies with : Aku tengok kat rumah jer.

thmisc-16 You went to the mall with : Ardinie and my mum.

thmisc-16 Who cheered you up? : Friends.

-Have you-

thmisc-18 Been to mexico : No.

thmisc-18 Been to USA : No.


thmisc-11 Have a crush on someone : Yea. Hihi.

thmisc-11 What books are you reading right now : Well, I'm trying my very best to read Memoirs of Geisha. Tapi tak tahulah bila nak habis.

thmisc-11 Best feeling in the world : Excited.

thmisc-11 Future kids name : Haha. Tak tahulah. Tapi aku minat nama yang bermula dengan huruf "W"

thmisc-11 Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? : No.

thmisc-11 What's under your bed: Ardinie's shoes. Apesal dalam bilik aku pulak?

thmisc-11 Favourite sport (s) : Badminton and netball.

thmisc-11 Favourite place : Mekkah.

thmisc-11 Who do you really hate: Susah nak benci orang.

thmisc-11 Do you have a job? : Yea, I'm working part time at Cosway stockist sementara tunggu result SPM.

thmisc-11 What time is it now? : 7:15 p.m

I'm tagging :
Semua orang yang takde kerja nak buat, boring yang melampau dan strees yang tak terkawal. Haha. Semua orang boleh buat.

p/s: Sangat obvious yang aku boring sekarang. haha.:face13:


Ali Power said...

haha mmg boring. info ni elok la untuk peminat2 kau kat lua sane.

liyana izzati said...

@Ali Power : Hahaha. Kau cakap ape bro? Aku mana ada peminat lah!

.........cP~ said...

tak larat la nak main benda ni hari ni. Hehe.

liyana izzati said...

@cP~ : Takpe boleh buat lain kali ape. ;)

saya dewi said...

betul punya banyak sangat soklan nieh. HAHA. ^^

liyana izzati said...

@saya dewi : Nak pengsan aku jawab. Hahaha.

Rina Supian said...

Ahaks..seronok pulak baca. Follow :)

liyana izzati said...

@Rina Supian : Hahha. Buat la sekali. Btw, thanks.

Lady Emilya said...

hu hu betul betul kalau dah boring mesti layan tagging ni :D