Friday, December 9, 2011

Pendapat korang?



Aku nak tanya pendapat korang la kan?

Tadi aku bukak email aku yang satu lagi. (education e-mail ). Aku jarang bukak sebab memang email tu aku spesifik untuk education sahaja. So, tadi aku bukak and ada satu email that goes like this

Congratulations on being a recipient of the National Scholarship 2012!
On behalf of the Bursary Committee, we are pleased to inform you that your application for the National Scholarship 2012 is successful.
The National Scholarship covers:
   •  RM3,500 tuition fee waiver for 1 year, Foundation in Science; and
 •  RM2,000 per year tuition fee waiver for 4 years, B. Engineering (Hons) Chemical Engineering (4 years)
This offer is subject to your Original SPM Forecast Results meeting the Scholarship and Academic Entry Requirements as well as the below terms and conditions:
  • You must obtain at least 5As in your actual SPM result otherwise your scholarship will be terminated and you will be required to pay back 100% of the scholarship amount disbursed to you.
  • This scholarship is offered on the basis that you will undertake and complete the programme(s) listed above at Taylor's University.
  • If you leave the programme before completion (for single programme) or do not continue after completing first programme (for packaged programmes), you will be required to pay back 100% of the total scholarship amount disbursed to you during the course of your studies at Taylor's.
  • If you fail to obtain CGPA 2.50 in your Foundation studies and subsequently in your Degree studies (at the end of each academic year), or fail to maintain at least 80% attendance or if you are found guilty of any misconduct, your scholarship will be terminated and you will be required to pay back 100% of the total scholarship amount disbursed to you.
ni aku pendekkan je laa.

Aku terkejut gila ! Biasiswa tuu. Result trial aku takde lah tinggi sangat just lapan A jer. Tapi maybe dah rezeki. Kata orang tuah ayam nampak di kaki, tuah manusia who knows right? Mak aku pulak takde kat sini. And aku tak bagitau dia lagi. Aku dah call my auntie and asked about this and she asked me to accept. What do you guys think? Nak tanya kat FB nanti nampak macam nak show off pulak. Kalau kat sini macam private sikit. I mean, gua bukan femes dan bukan semua orang baca blog gua. Hehe.




Izzul Amir said...

lapan A kate tak tinggi ? lempang nak ? i jelous u know ? haha joke joke

syahiratunadiah said...

like, heck yeah! once in a lifetime tuu.

terry bogart said...

ni bukan full scholarship kan?

Syahirah Shafee said...

hai, im a 2nd smester student of Talyors foundation in science.

taylors FIS was great. best ! but since your scholarship is not a full scholarship, yuran quite mahal just 4 foundation. Luckily im a student under mara with full scholarship.

i think u r a smart student, u can get excellent result for ur spm. u can apply for another full scholarship which is better than this.:)

liyana izzati said...

@sis Syahirah Shafee.

Yup, i'm thinking about the same thing too. I'm waiting for my interview with Mara and other sponsors. We'll see later lah. Lagi pon, chemical engineering is not my passion kot. Nanti kita tengok tawaran lain dulu lah. By the way, thanks sis :)

liyana izzati said...


Tak tahu lah bro. Tak reti sangat pasal scholarship bagai ni.

Nor Ain Idayu said...

u patut...pergi peluang keemasan !
sedang menanti u!

terry bogart said...

yup..better tunggu other offer..belajar kat IPTS, kos memang tinggi sikit

-nurul fakhriah- said...

mcm mana education web tu? mcm mana awk request? huhu