Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year and Happy Birthday Mum


My dear Umi,
Thanks for always listening to my problems, cooking for me, sending me to school, helping me with my unfinished works, guiding me through my days, doing my laundry, teaching me everything that I need to know about life, marking my essays, taking care of me since I was a baby and of course praying for my success. Thank you so much for everything. And I would like to say sorry for all those tears, failures, problems, pains and mistakes that I had ever caused.  May Allah bless you all the way and may Umi live in the barakah and love of Allah forever. InsyaAllah.

                                    Me, my mum and my little sister Ardini Izzati

This is from your eldest daughter. Sorry for always being opinionated and stubborn all the time. Hehe. Love you mum! Happy birthday :)

p/s : You know what? I am what I am today because of my mother. My mum pushes me all the time. Haha.


W.R said...

huhuhu birthday ur mum sama dgn saya kot...hehehe..:)

liyana izzati said...

@W.R : really? Hehe. Happy birthday too. :)

♥e'in♥ said...

happy birthday umi.. :)

Nalisa Syahira said...

wah umi , nampak muda ler , hihih .

liyana izzati said...

@Nalisa Syahira : Anak dia lagi muda kot.

@e'in : Thanks :)