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High Tea Form 5/2011


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Last Tuesday, I enjoyed my time so much. Pelajar-pelajar tingkatan 5 Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bachok telah mengadakan High Tea/Minum petang to celebrate our last days at this school. InsyaAllah. After this coming SPM, everyone will move forward to a brand new life. Lepas ni kitaorang dah tak jadi pelajar sekolah lagi. :face29: . InsyaAllah, lepas ni semua orang akan ikut haluan masing-masing.

Actually, we supposed to have a "Senior Dinner" tapi because of several factors such as cuaca yang tak menentu. Kami terpaksa gantikan Dinner tu dengan High Tea.

Waktu awal-awal jejak kaki ke tingkatan 5 dulu, rasa nak cepat-cepat habis sekolah :p:. Tapi sekarang rasa macam sayang pulak nak tinggalkan zaman yang penuh suka duka ni Especially bila cikgu-cikgu "masuk" ayat-ayat sedih gila like "lepas ni awak dah takkan rasa zaman yang paling best compared to zaman sekolah" Tiba-tiba rasa sayang pulak nak habiskan zaman sekolah ni. Terharu.

How can someone forgets his/her school days? Although school is quite torturing, I am pretty sure that there are still few simple things that someone couldn't forget about his/her school life. Don't you?

Here are some pictures event High Tea that day :h:

Our table. Thanks to Maisarah for the super beautiful flower

High Tea Form 5/ 2011- An event to appreciate everyone including the teachers but most specifically the Form 5 students. An event to know each other better. An event to seek for forgiveness and an event to encourage us to perform our best in the coming SPM and an event to enjoy ourselves fully before the coming SPM. Alhamdulillah, the event was awesome! People were excited and beautiful. The hall was glamor and attractive. It was simply an unforgettable event.

Among all these years, being a form 5 student is the best!. I mean, i learned so much this year. Kalau waktu Form 1 dulu kita just ikut je orang kata apa, apa yang orang suruh tapi bila kita dah jadi "Senior" ni, I learned to stand my thoughts. I learned to share my opinions about certain things. I learned that its okay to make mistakes. I learn about forgiving people and being careful in everything. And seriously to count all the knowledge and "things" that I gained through my school days is totally countless.

Okay, sengal sungguh.

Our table.

Friends, Exams, Friendship, Canteen Foods, Grades, Goal, Dreams and Hopes. The school life of SMK Bachok is different compared to other High School.  It offers an adult learning environment with supportive and excellent teachers, great friends and a very friendly environment. Being accepted to this school is a great challenge. Aku terpaksa bersaing dengan kawan-kawan yang bijak nak mampos. Alhamdulillah selama 5 tahun aku study kat sini, kawan-kawan aku sangat-sangat baik ! Kalau ada masalah, memang diorang akan tolong punya. Semua muka macam budak baik tapi perangai macam "eftshkjadfh" ! Haha. Apa-apa pon  Thank you, kawan !

Close Friends.
Maisarah, Hafizi, Arief and Myself.

This is Umi Khazami and me. and umi is single??

Afiq Shamin and Liyana Izzati. Classmates since Form 1 lagi. Lama betul. Abe Sunggoh!

"Ewww!" Haha

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