Thursday, October 27, 2011

Aisha Online Store Giveaway

You can click the picture baby :)

First and foremost, I would like to thank Miss Aisha (the owner of Aisha Online Store) for inviting me to join her giveaway. Kalau Miss Aisha tak invite aku memang aku tak tahu kot ada giveaway ni. Thanks !

The first thing that strike my mind bila aku visit fanpage Aisha Online Store ialah HEBAT! I really love the clothes, the accessories. tapi yang paling aku suka ialah handbag. handbags kat Aisha Online Store sangat cantik maaa! klik sini untuk ke Aisha Online Store!

Okay, kat Malaysia ni memang banyak online store kan? Tapi this Aisha Online Store is totally different compared to others online shops. Here you can get anything at very reasonable and affordable price okay. Memang macam-macam ada kat Aisha Online Store ni. You can get skirts, tops, dress, jackets, handbags, shoes, wedges  and macam-macam lagi. One thing that I love about Aisha Online Store is all the patterns and styles are very up-to-date and stylo habis laa. They are very suitable for teenagers out there and also to everyone who loves cute and fashionable clothes.

Pendek kata, kalau pakai tops or skirts or anything from Aisha Online Store ni memang korang akan grab attentions from everyone around you. Then, mesti kawan-kawan korang akan puji punya. Hehe.

So, lets visit Aisha Online Store and share some love okay.!

Ada sesiapa yang tengah mencari beautiful and colourful clothes ?? Well, you should visit Aisha Online Store. Memang rugi laa kalau tak pergi tengok and buy something for yourself.

Elis bag sangat cantik kan?? sudah jatuh cinta..

How to Join?
As Easy As ABC!!

~ You are most welcome to LIKE our Fanpage here:

~ Creat a blog post about this GIVEAWAYS with title as below(Be creative): 
Aisha Online Store Giveaway
*Typing error will not be accepted. reject. Hahaha=p*

~Leave your comment here and dont forget to include your the link to your blog post

~Put this blog link in your entry, and our banner(optional, nk ltk lg bagus ^^) at your sidebar.

Mestilah memenuhi keempat-empat syarat diatas :) 
List of participants will be listed regularly on the sidebar.
Result will be announce here on 4th November ya!
Be creative darlings!

Looking for 5 lucky winners:
~ The very gorgeous VINTAGE handbag worth RM80+
*boleh tgk kt sini,*Ready%20Stock*
Which handbag? Rahsia! :D ^^*
2 lucky runner up:
~ Gift Voucher RM15(can be use only at AOS)

Join now!!
23rd October - 31st October!

Best of luck and Assalamualaikum.

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