Friday, December 18, 2009


the feminist~ farihin :)
the ones that up to no good~ ikram :)
the good friend~ tikah s.a.m :)
the ladies man~ alex :)
the drama queen~ amy :)
the one you can depend on~ fida, dila n tarinee :)
the princess~ princess caspian :D
the innocent one~mat jef :)
the one that always get hurt~ pg n apih :)
the funny one~ mat akim :)
the cute one~ peja :)
the genius~ irfan :)
the doctor~ tema :)
the gangster~ mat apik :)
the airhead~ lina :)
the artistic one~ mat ajat :)
the quiet one~ mierah :)
the lost one~ nyak, fifa n aini :)
the stylish one~ serah :)
the skinny one~yana :)
the annoying one~ kamal :p
the married couple~ sarah n mat roy :)
the computer junkie~ kimie :)
the sexy one~ auni :)
the Harry Potter junkie~ na :)
the flirt~ yuni :)
the jock~ amir :)

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