Friday, August 7, 2009

my self...what???

wanna share a little bit about myself....hehehehe.....
my name is nur liyana izzati bt. abd. aziz which means cahaya kelembutan kekuatanku( don"t know in english :( sad)....i love to sleep, eat and anything that can make me fav food would be chocolate:) of course!!!! all kinds of laksa(yummm!!!) and also cakes....kebanyakannya makanan yg mengemukkan laaa....i am a 15 year old girl who like to sing whether i know that my voice is quite horrible..right now i'm singing its the climb( by miley cyrus) in high peech!!!hahaha... my pets...actually i hate to have pets...yeah coz i'm a busy student who always busy with my homeworks and friends so i don't have pets...:( so sad, right?? but my family members love animals so dad have a big collection of fish in his aquarium, my sis has 12 cats here, now they are eating their food... i love birds...all kinds of them. i have 4 younger sisters but i don't have any brother(never wish to have one coz boys are difficult to understand.serious!) i'm happy with my life although sometimes i do felt sad..i mean, all people have problems in their life,right??but everyone deserves to be happy...i study at smk bachok..just an ordinary school for ordinary people like me:) but there are several people in my school just being special than others.. i'm just a moderate student, not too bright and not too stupid( biase-biase jerk) i like to write....taking photographs of me, my friends and my environment...some people said that i like to dream@koyar girl...ak buat x tau jerk.lantak ar diorang!!!!!....i am a happy-go-luckyand talkative mouth will stop talking when i it something good or a habit???? i like everything to be simple.... buat ape pikir banyak2 buat letih jer..
i am 162 cm tall and 51 weight....gemuk ker??? ntah ar....i don't know sometimes i felt that i'm fat and sometimes i don't...yang mane satu yg betul ni???musykil la..ntah ar dah malas nak pikir...just enjoy my life, now.. my friends said that i am a great eater(except vegetables),yes i fav, white and purple...actually i love all colours except red and yellow..ntah ar benci betol tengok kaler ni.kenapa erk??? ade ar..ape ag ar nak cakap ....xde dah kot..okay la, i'm going to bath now...bye..

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