Tuesday, August 11, 2009

the characters in my life :)

in this whole wide world, no matter how kind we are trying to be.... there are still several people want us to look bad in front of others...they just can't see us happy and always try to find out ways to make us weak and in the end of the story, we give up....i called them ENEMY. but, there are still a group of ANGLES beside us that always support us in whatever we do.... these angles know when we are sad and they will give out their magic powder called " joke" and we laugh and happy again...and then they will give out their magic stick and help us in all our works... our works had been so much easier with their magical kindness...may Allah bless all their kindness.....then, we had been hurt by the people that known as MAN...we cried, cried and cried...several people from the outer space accidentally landed on our earth...they are whom we called "DOCTORS" they come to us when we are hurt and they know how to fix it. when we are crying they will give out their handkerchiefs and wipe our tears...although, we do not know them very well, these people had help us a lot... LAWYERS....maybe we didn't aware about them in our life but they had been one of the people that we want beside us when we are in danger. yes!! they will ask us a thousands of questions..and most of the questions are so difficult to answer..then, they will call us weak... but whatever they had said to us, we never blame or get angry with them because we know that in the end of the story, they will help us and make us win the case. they are kind but we really wish that they will stop trying to ask us unexpected questions again and again. TEACHERS, they are very brave and helpful people in our life....they are like candles. burning themselves for others' benefits. they never want us to pay for their help...all they want to see are our success and if there are still some empty spaces in our heart, they want us to put them inside there, so that we will always remember them. there are still several characters in our life that i can't listed down here...no matter what happen, thank you for your help us in our life... and if your names are not listed here, i hope that you know that you had work a lot to see us success....and we really appreciate it ... we mean nothing without these people....

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