Friday, August 21, 2009

dedicated to orang2 kat luar sana yang selalu kutuk aku..

i may not be perfect but i'm always me. i just do what i want, this is not about what people are saying, it's about me...i believe, it is better to be hated for what you are, than to be loved for what you are not...right??? i'm not a perfect girl and i like being unperfect... to those people yang selalu kutuk2 aku, just ingat yang aku xkan pernah kalah ngan kutukan korang 2...i am who i am, i do what makes me happy not may not agree with me but i'm not asking your approval. if you want to know, you mean nothing in my life!!!!! i just want to say that i'm fantastic, strong, beautiful, crazy and funny and that what makes me special than others...and the most exciting thing about me is that i am better than you!!!! just because i'm quiet, it doesn't mean i have nothing to say...i enjoy being unique...i'm ambitious and determined but i can get lazy and unmotivated at times..i'm creative and imaginative....friends mean everything to me but sometimes i just want to be alone...yup, i envy people who can fit in easily without even trying...i try to be sympathetic and supportive...i'm opinionated and stubborn but i'm loyal....for anyone who thinks they know me very well, prove me, hate me either way you're thinking of me...i am me, don't i care????

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